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A Complete Guide to Buying the Right Kids’ Bed

A Complete Guide to Buying the Right Kids’ Bed


Contrary to popular belief, buying a kid’s bed is not always simple. A bed for a child is a place of adventure and retreat, and searching for just the right one can mean browsing through several shops for many days before you finally find the one! To help you get started, we have compiled a set of dos and don’ts so you can bring home a kid’s bed that will be a worthwhile investment.

Important Tips to Keep In Mind When Buying a Bed

The Space Dilemma

If your child’s room is space-crammed and cannot house two or more beds then the best idea is to invest in kids bunk beds instead of single beds. This can help save both space and cost. A good tip is to invest in a bunk bed that can be taken apart and arranged into two different beds. Not only will this give you more options, especially when kids get older and end up in different rooms, but also economize on cost.

Extra Downtime and Headspace

If you like cuddling and reading with your child before bed, a twin over full bunk bed can be a spacious and comfy option for you. Similarly, if your child needs extra storage, you can always add extra space above.

The Size, Quality, and Firmness of the Mattress

Make sure you know what kind of a mattress your child is most comfortable sleeping on. Go for a mattress size that is not small and will last even when your child grows in the near future. Make sure to choose a mattress that is a minimum 2 to 4 feet longer than your child’s height. This will allow room for leg space, headboards, growth, and pillows. When it comes to firmness, children usually prefer a mattress that is soft. Make sure you don’t invest in a mattress that is extra as it will create back problems.

Safety First

Invest in good guardrails that will help keep our children safe while sleeping and playing. Make sure the bed you buy has the maximum possible guardrail height.


Important Tips to Keep In Mind before You Begin

  • Skip the toddler bed. Sure, it will be a great addition to your baby’s room at first but keep in mind the utility you will derive from it will be short-lived, and you will need to buy another one.
  • Don’t focus too much on price. Cost is an important factor but shouldn’t solely affect your decision. Remember that a strong and firm mattress is a good investment, and something you will not be able to get on the cheap.
  • Barbie beds, car beds, and pink beds, are all cute. However, they will serve no purpose when your kid has blossomed into a teenager. If you have another younger child waiting in line, investing in such beds isn’t the worst idea but otherwise you would have to invest in another bed pretty soon.

Purchasing a kid’s bed can be an overwhelming task that calls for multiple considerations and thorough research. That being said, a good-quality bed your child likes can make putting him/her to sleep a lot easier and even contribute to his/her overall health.